FIATA World Congress 2018

FIATA is a non-governmental organization that serves the logistics and forwarding sector, which employs over 40,000 people in 150 countries.

In Vienna, Austria, the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA) was established. The FIATA World Congress has held 51 times since its establishment in 1926, putting together the main executives and selection in the logistics industry under one roof.

Every year, FIATA holds a World Congress in a different country around the world. Taiwan (in 2015), Ireland (in 2016), and Kuala Lumpur (in 2017) were the previous locations (in 2017). The international festival brings the local shipping industry and the transportation industry together to increase the efficiency of services provided by freight forwarders around the world. T

FIATA World Congress 2018

The event also offers a global forum for executives and stakeholders in the logistics sector to highlight their digital skills, but it also serves as a valuable resource for learning about the problems that logistics firms face regularly and providing long-term solutions to these issues. 

Shipping, warehousing, port facilities, rail, air, and sea freight, and other value-added facilities are also part of the logistics industry. For a smooth supply chain, both policy makers and stakeholders in the sector must carefully use these resources and continue to improve them through appropriate dialogue and debate.

The global logistics sector produces over USD 8 trillion annually, accounting for roughly 11% of global GDP. Since all business industries depend on a cost-effective movement of goods, logistics is regardeds as the economic pillar that must be reinforced.

Since all business industries depend on a cost-effective movement of goods, logistics is regarded as the economic pillar that must be reinforced. India’s economy is now the world’s fastest developing. Indian freight transport is expanding at a breakneck pace, with a CAGR of about 13.35 percent expected by 2020. Even the government is now keen to boost transportation infrastructure, which is the most critical factor driving growth opportunities for Indian Logistics Service Providers, with programs like ‘Make in India,’ ‘Digital India,’ and ‘Skills India.’

As a result, the FIATA World Congress was held for the first time in India (New Delhi. From September 26 to September 29, 2018, with the help of the Indian government.

The four-day event drew a large number of participants from various sectors of the logistics industry, hailing from more than 90 countries.

Congress aimed to achieve the following goals.

  • To bring together all partners from around the world under one roof.
  • To provide openings for new business partnerships to establish.
  • To address the logistics sector’s future forecasts to plan its long-term progress.
  • To demonstrate the ever-increasing strength of the Indian economy, as well as the logistics industry.
  • To strengthen relations between the importing/exporting industries and the logistics and transportation industries.
  • To maintain a competitive edge in a new target market by optimizing time and expense for manufacturers, industrialists, and exporters.

FIATA has established many documents and forms to provide a global standard for freight forwarders. The records are distinguishable since they are each colored differently and bear the FIATA symbol.

  • FCR: Forwarders Certificate of Receipt
  • FCT: Forwarders Certificate of Transport
  • FWR: FIATA Warehouse Receipt
  • FBL: FIATA Bill of Lading
  • FWB: FIATA Waybill (non-negotiable Multimodal Transport)
  • SDT: Shippers Declaration for the Transport (of Dangerous Goods)
  • SIC: Shippers Intermodal Weight Certificate
  • FFI: FIATA Forwarding Instructions

We are grateful to FIATA 2018 for providing us with the chance to present our thoughts, discoveries, and innovations on such a large scale. We hope forward to further chance like this at the 2021 FIATA World Congress, which will be much bigger.